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Produce questions 
Identify connections within and across content and integrate knowledge 
Evaluate and interpret the complexities of the English language and the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences 
Effectively acquire, assess, and organize information 
Evaluate the accuracy and validity of sources

Solve problems creatively 
Generating Ideas: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Symbolic Thinking 
Digging deeper into ideas: analyzing, synthesizing, reorganizing/redefining, resolving ambiguity, working with complexity 
Courage to explore ideas: problem sensitivity, curiosity and risk-taking, humor/playfulness/fantasy/feelings, integration of dichotomies, growth 
Listening to one's inner voice: sense of purpose, persistence/hard work, rejects stereotypes

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The goal of our G1-6 program is to educate the whole child in an environment that supports overall development and maximizes    each child’s potential. Our innovative program is designed to enable and empower our students to be independent, critical thinkers who actively build their knowledge and persevere to succeed in constructing their knowledge and in mastering skills.                                                                        

​Our students grow to be members of a strong community and learn to give back to one’s local and global communities through school-wide volunteer programs and activities.                                           



Our Secondary School program covers grades 7-12 and is designed to be learner-centered and supportive of the developmental and educational needs of young adolescents. The middle school years are an important time of transition during which students experience unprecedented cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth. Our small classroom size and assessment practices help us meet individual student’s learning needs unique to the middle school years.                                  


The goal of our High School program, which includes high performance expectations and support for each student’s personal development, is to provide a four-year educational experience that prepares students to be life-long learners and to develop skills that will enable them to have the academic readiness to continue their education at a post-secondary institution and, eventually,successfully enter their chosen field. ​

Co CurricularActivities


At Gangnam International School, our club activities are 'co-curricular' because they support the curriculum and are aligned with our mission. Students and faculty advisors create, lead, and grow these activities with specific and varied outcomes set from the beginning. Whether it's improving debate skills, supporting the local community, or practicing mindfulness and life balance, we insist that all co-curriculars are fun, purposeful, and meaningful. For many students, this is where friendships are forged and memories are made.

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